You’ll also discover how to live by faith, positive, happy, and full of hopeful expectation for good to come to you and those you love.  You’ll discover how to extend your life, potentially, another 10-15 quality years.  You’ll discover how to find humor and enjoyment in everything.  I enable people like you, with families like yours, to live the life you always wanted.  Because money is typically the biggest immediate concern for most, let’s begin there…


I enable people like you, with families like yours, to retire in 5-8 short years, guaranteed!

“Don Johnson gave me some specific strategies and techniques that are implementable right away.  He will teach you things that you won’t find anywhere else.”  –Emma Tiebens

Other people have lost retirement savings, lost pensions, lost jobs, lost hope.  Families are suffering.  Millions are losing homes to foreclosure.  However, you like me, you have the opportunity of a lifetime, to, capitalize on the greatest financial opportunity since the great depression.  Today, you can see the greatest, transfer of wealth right now.  To me, the best part is, together, we can be part of the solution.

“I’m an economist.  I’ve been working with very different tools for a long time to help people see major changes.  I’ve just spent seven days with Don Johnson.  I can tell you he has integrity and character.  Get your act together now, and prepare for the greatest sale of financial assets in history.” – H. S. Dent

I am lucky, blessed, and highly favored, and it’s just not fair.  It’s not fair that some can have so much, while others have so little.  I’ve invested more than 26 years and over $300,000 in specialized education.  I’ve made millions, and lost millions.  I’ve succeeded in business and failed in business.  There is nothing special about me.  I simply, learn from the best, and take action.  Now, I’m simply giving back.  I want to help you, save 20 years off the learning curve.  I can help you with what to do, and unlike many so called “gurus”, more importantly I can help you with what not to do so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.  In fact, much of it, I can do for you!

“Don has taught me some very simple techniques, easy techniques to understand, to help me be more responsible in my life financially, to be able to take my income and leverage it in a manner that will protect myself and my family long term, provide income opportunities for my grandchildren.” – Ray Brown

I have a system, an easy, abc, 123, solution, that holds you by the hand, step by step, that will enable you to, retire in 5-8 short years, guaranteed.